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International Summer party this Thursday

Come and enjoy the fun, meet others and dance the night away at our last INTERNATIONALS SUMMER PARTY, before we break up for the summer holidays. Hot looks, lots of laughter, cocktails and of course excellent people from all over the world – all of these flavor’s guarantees a party you must not miss. As […]


PM Fico: Slovakia Will Accept 100 Refugees from EU’s 40,000

After all the fuss and claims made in the media, Prime Minister Robert Fico announced on Tuesday that Slovakia would be welcoming just 100 refugees from Syria, with them to be handpicked  and of the Christian faith. Prime Minister Robert Fico (c) Martin Domok – The whole issue of accepting refugees raised social tensions […]


No NATO Bases Here, Slovakia Says

Slovakia has expressed its unwillingness to have NATO bases set up in the country, and will instead be proposing small contact units for eastern members at the upcoming NATO summit in Romania in November. Pravda daily cites the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR as saying “Slovakia is not requesting any bases. We are […]


Tens of Immigrants (70) Suffocate in Truck Near Slovak Border

As the immigration issue heats up in Europe, there are an increasing number of incidents pointing to the gravity of the situation, but a tragic story comes from near the Austrian-Slovak border in Parndorf, where Austrian police discovered the suffocated bodies of up to 50 immigrants (confirmed as 70)  in the back of a poultry […]


Slovakia Reinforces Border Checks While Hungary Shuts Border

As the flood of refugees into Europe shows no signs of stopping, with an estimated 500,000 already arrived, governments in Central Europe are taking matters into their own hands by closing down their borders as best they can, in an effort to slow the flow. While Hungary completes its 180-km long barbed-wire fence along its […]


How to Win A Slovak Election

March 2016 will be the moment of truth. The nation will once again choose their party, and their leader who they think will best serve the country. The marketing machine in the run for power has started already, and is hard to ignore. Pompous politicians on pictures in the streets are sometimes staring, sometimes smiling, […]


Men Make 27% More Than Women, National Average Salary at EUR 929

The average salary in Slovakia in the first half of 2015, according to a fresh survey by the internet portal, was EUR 929 a month, with Bratislava topping the list of best paid jobs, as always. Easy come, easy go (c) The Daily.SK In the region of Bratislava, the average salary comes to EUR […]